Cadet Constable Senior Constable Sergeant Senior Sergeant Lieutenant Superintendent Assistant Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Commissioner Chief Of Police
Highway Patrol Rapid Response Sharpshooter Coastguard Dog Handler Drone Operator
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Officer In Training

Maximum Amount: Unlimited

Main Duties

The main duties of a cadet is to keep the map tidy of vehicles, respond to minor crimes and to work as a group with other officers under the command of higher ranks

You are also expected to use your time at this rank to learn the police procedures and practice roleplaying with both civilians and criminals

How to get promoted

Promotions to constable are given to cadets who have proven their ability to roleplay and capture criminals. You must also be-able to follow orders without question

  • P07
  • SDAR
  • Mk20
  • TRG
  • Quad Bike
  • Offroad
  • SUV
  • M900
  • Hummingbird
  • Assault Boat
  • Motorboat
New Abilities